Express Yourself

imageLast night I was in the mood to try one of my karaoke sessions in my room. As I sat on my bed I prayed to God for honesty and truth. I turned on a halloween rap beat and start freestyling but I couldnt get the words out right. As I went to beat to beat from instrumental to instrumental I finally realize the core problem that I still cant understand even in this hour. I was afraid to express my true thoughts out loud. How could this be it’s only me, my bed, my lamp, my t.v., my dresser and my bathroom so what’s the problem heart what’s the deal? The problem hit me like a ton of waves and I closed my eyes and I said it yea I admitted it. I admit how I felt about him and how I thought he felt about me then after that I admit it yea I admit how I feel about myself and how I thought about myself. From that moment on I got the bigger picture when it come’s to ART …You must tell the Truth about it.


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